Amylax™ MA

Maltogenic amylase

Model NO.: 1101
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Breads, rolls, buns and similar products have a typical short shelf life. The first signs of freshness loss are crumb firming and a reduction in springiness. How to hold on to breads fresh for a few days longer is becoming the most challenges to many industrial bread manufacturers. Befresh™ MA will enable bread improver companies to provide their customers with an unsurpassed quality in terms of softness, freshness and tenderness.


Amylax™ MA is the next generation maltogenic amylase preparation. It works by breaking down flour starch in a highly effective enzymatic reaction, providing crumb softness over a longer period of time, improved elasticity and freshness, and an extra tender crumb texture compared to previously available maltogenic amylase products in the market.



 In EU, Malthogenic amylase was approved for use in production of bakery products and other cereal based products (e.g. pasta, noodles, snacks) ; and in USA, Maltogenic amylase was approved as an enzyme in bread and other baked goods to delay the staling process.