Antimix™ CN

Antimicrobial blends

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Fungal pathogens are the most economically important diseases that affect fruit and vegetable crops. Although application of fungicides is far the most effective method to control these diseases, it can be involved in many problems due to health risk concerns and environmental pollution. Thus, there is a growing need to develop alternative approaches for the management of this pathogen. The use of bio-active substances such chitosan and natamcyin is alternative approaches to control fungal decay for marketable quality of post-harvest fruits and vegetables.



Antimix™ CN is natural powerful antifungal agent formulated by bio-active ingredients including fungal chitosan and alpha-natamycin, which can greatly reduce disease caused by fungal pathogens in post-harvest fruits and vegetables. 


Fungal Chitosan has been recently approved for use as a noval food ingredients and aid-processing in Europe ((EC) No. 258/97, EFSA), USA (21 CFR 170.36, FDA), Australia and New Zealand (F2014L00033, Food Standards Australia New Zealand).


Natamycin is approved by US FDA as an additive to the feed to retard the growth of specific molds. (21CFR573.685). And EPA’s Biochemical Classification Committee classified Natamycin as a Biochemical Pesticide active ingredient, and -Streptomyces lydicus (the source of Natamycin) is currently registered by the Agency under Registration Nos. 73314-1, -2, and -4 as a microbial pesticide for greenhouse, nursery, turfgrass, agricultural and seed treatment uses.