Chitoly™ OM

Water-solube fungal chitosan

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Postharvest decay represents major losses in the horticultural industry. During storage and shipment of fruits and vegetables, decay losses are mainly caused by fungal rot. Although fungicides such as benomyl is by far the most effective method to control postharvest diseases, however, chemical control programs face imminent problems - a number of fungicide-resistant strains of postharvest pathogens and health risk concerns. Thus bioactive substance is growing alternative need for control of postharvest diseases; Fungal chitosan has been shown to be fungicidal against several fungi in fruits and vegetables.  


Chitoly™ OM is a kind of water-soluble chitosan extracted from Pleurotus ostreatus, which can be used as aid-processing polymer to reduce quality loss caused by microbial spoilage, enzymatic or non-enzymatic browning and quick degradation of vitamins during the shelf-life of fresh fruit and vegetable.


Fungal Chitosan has been recently approved for use as a novel food ingredients and aid-processing in Europe ((EC) No. 258/97, EFSA), USA (21 CFR 170.36, FDA), Australia and New Zealand (F2014L00033, Food Standards Australia New Zealand).