Job Description

Handary specializes in food shelf-life solutions. We use experimental food-deterioration diagnostics and natural active ingredients to effectively preserve the freshness, safety, and quality of food throughout its intended shelf life. Additionally, we offer shelf-life testing services to accurately determine the appropriate date marking for food products.


Currently, we are looking for an Assistant to Production Manager who will focus on supporting the Production Manager in managing, organizing, and planning production activities within the company to ensure the attainment of operational goals.

Tasks & Responsabilities:

Daily assistance for Production:

 Analyze technical issues

 Define short and long-term corrective measures

 Ensure follow-up with the maintenance department

 Participate in production shifts.

 Propose optimization ideas (technical, automation, etc.).

 Determine work methods.

 Define best practices.

 Provide staff training on best practices.

 Ensure proper application of methods.

 Create and update production training materials.

Project Management:

 Draft specifications for production projects.

 Manage the interface between Production and the Engineering Department for project oversight in production.


Assistance in Managing Quality, Cleanliness, and Safety: 

 Perform on-site checks to ensure compliance with quality, HACCP, and personnel safety regulations.



 Bachelor's/Master's in Chemistry or Biochemistry (or equivalent experience) with a preference for 2 years of experience in a process production environment.

 Proficiency in using computer tools

 Ability to adhere to stringent control processes

 Constructive mindset



 Strong communication skills


 Reports to the Production Manager.

 Language Requirements: technical English and French

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