Antioxidant effect validators

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Autoxidation is a free radical reaction involving oxygen that leads to deterioration of fats and oils and the formation of off-flavours and off-odours. The peroxide value, the concentration of peroxide in an oil or fat, is useful for assessing the extent to which spoilage has advanced.

O5™ is a new type of rapid detection kit for the determination of peroxide value in oils and fats. Color reactions can be carried out through the reaction carrier, and the peroxide value of oils and fat be tested in comparison to Standard Color Card by the naked eye, especially design to detect the antioxidant effect when applied in the oil and fat products.

O5™ YM - Quantitative Detection of peroxide value 




Guardox™ BL, Guardox™ OE, Guardox™ AE

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O5™ Antioxidant effect validators
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