Shelf life refers to the period, under specified storage conditions, during which food remains safe and retains its desired sensory, chemical, physical, and biological characteristics as well as adheres to any “date marking” declarations. The need to extend food shelf-life quality is a growing global concern, driven by consumers' increasing reliance on convenient processed foods and manufacturers' desire to expand their business globally.

Handary has innovated natural shelf-life approaches by integrating experimental studies on shelf-life testing with the use of sustainable active ingredients. This approach encompasses two distinct business divisions: Shelf-life Testing Division and Shelf-life Solution Division, which are as follows:

Two Shelf-life Business Divisions:

Shelf-life Testing Division

“We thoroughly examine food products to assess their quality and safety, considering their sensory, microbiological, chemical, and physical properties. This helps us understand the factors affecting their shelf-life.

Using the gathered data, we develop accurate 'date marking' guidelines for food products to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Additionally, we evaluate and verify the effectiveness of food shelf-life ingredients in extending the shelf-life of food products.”

Yudi Yang

Director of Handary Shelf-life
Testing Division

Shelf-life Solution Division

“We specialize in creating and manufacturing natural active ingredients and customized formulations that effectively improve the freshness, safety, and quality of food products.

Our wide range of ingredients is categorized into four specific areas: Antimicrobials, Antioxidants, Fresh-keepers, and Shelf-life extenders.

Moreover, we prioritize close collaboration with food producers, leveraging our extensive case study collection to share valuable experiences and expertise in extending the shelf life of food products.”


Director of Handary Shelf-life
Solution Division

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