A Leading Food Shelf-life Specialist

Since our inception and the remarkable achievement of winning the first IFT award for NisinA™ in 2010, Handary has emerged as a leading global specialist in natural shelf-life solutions.

We are passionate about exploring "The Essentiality of Shelf Life" by understanding the factors that affect food shelf life and finding natural ways to maximize and extend it. Controlling microbial growth and upholding the quality of food during storage are central to our efforts.

And so our mission is to provide natural, healthy, sustainable, and highly efficient active ingredient solutions that successfully preserve the freshness, safety, and quality of food. Additionally, we offer food testing services to accurately determine the shelf-life date. By doing so, we actively contribute to minimizing waste and reducing food losses through our innovative approaches.

Helping thousands of food manufacturers extend the safety and quality of shelf-life, and minimize waste.

Handary, founded by Dr. Aimin HE, is dedicated to replacing artificial and chemical preservatives with natural alternatives, in line with ancient food laws promoting clean and disease-free food.

Our main goal is to ensure that food maintains its freshness, safety, and quality during storage, while also minimizing waste and reducing the risks associated with pathogens.

Through our range of natural shelf-life ingredient solutions, we effectively address common challenges in food preservation, including discoloration, off-flavors, texture changes, nutrient loss, and health risks.

To support our mission, we have established an open Shelf-Life Testing Laboratory that conducts comprehensive microbial and quality evaluations, this allows us to determine the best before and use-by dates for food products, guaranteeing their optimal shelf life.

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