The demand for clean label products with fewer artificial additives has led to a greater focus on transparency in the food industry. As a result, the market for natural shelf-life ingredients has become clearly defined and is experiencing high growth. At Handary, we understand that food shelf-life needs vary, which is why we have built a diverse portfolio of complementary brands. This allows us to offer a wide range of natural shelf-life solutions to our clients around the world, providing them with the perfect choice for their specific needs.

For over 14 years, Handary has worked closely with various food producers and accumulated a vast number of case studies, which enable us to quickly propose initial solutions to new demands from our clients and keep up with the latest trends in the market. We use natural raw materials that are minimally processed to create simple and familiar shelf-life ingredients.

Dr. Yudi YANG
Production Director


Antimicrobial is used to prevent biological deterioration by inhibiting or killing unwanted bacteria, yeasts and molds throughout the food shelf life. At Handary, we focus on producing antimicrobials which are natural, safe and effective, responding to the growing demand from consumers for natural solutions, stringent national food safety legislation and the need from food manufacturers to protect their brands. The functionality of individual antimicrobials is defined by the types of microorganism they target (including but not limited to yeast and mold, Gram-positive and Gram-negative spoilage bacteria and pathogens) in a variety of foods and beverages. The main antimicrobial products are spanned into 12 categories as below:

1 Natap®/Natadex®/Natalac®/Natanacl™ Natamycin
2 Epolyly® e-Polylysine
3 NisinA® / NisinZ® Vegetal Nisin
4 Lyscoh® Lysozyme
5 Befresh™ Protective cultures
6 Proteria® Cultured sugar and vinegar
7 Plantéria® Fruits extracts
8 Chitoly® Mushroom chitosan / Mushria® Mushroom extracts
9 Fixolor® Cultured vegetables
10 Phagex™ Bacteriophage
11 Antimix® Antimicrobial blends
12 Bioflimix™ Antibiofilm cocktails


Oxidation is one of the major causes of quality deterioration in food. Oxidative deterioration in any type of food is manifested in form of discoloration, development of off-flavor, formation of toxic compounds, poor shelf-life, nutrient and drip losses. At Handary, we provide a group of natural antioxidant extracts under the brand of Guardox™ that effectively prevent oxidation and minimize changes in taste, odour, color, texture, and nutrient that can meet the consumer demands of clean-label, The main antioxidant products include:

1 Guardox™ BL Bamboo leaf extract
2 Guardox™ OE Olive pulp extract
3 Guardox™ AE Acerola extract
4 Guardox™ RA Rosemary extract (Rosmarinic acid)
5 Guardox™ GT Green tea extract
6 Guardox™ CA Rosemary extract (Carnosic acid)
7 Guardox™ TG Palmitoylated Green Tea Extract


Fresh-keepers are used to keep food fresh by controlling moisture migration, stale texture, enzymatic browning, color loss and nutrient loss. At Handary, we provide a variety of natural fresh-keeping substances derived from plant extraction and microbial fermentation. The individual functionalities of the fresh-keepers have been identified to facilitate different food applications, including:

1 Antibräun™ Anti-browning agents
2 White Fiber™ Moisture retention fibers
3 Trehalox™ Crystal trehalose
4 TGzyme™ Transglutaminase


Shelf-life extenders are all-natural range of tailored blends used to increase the shelf-life of foods by stabilizing multi-deteriorating factors or inhibiting multi-spoilage factors. Combinations of selected ingredients create optimal functionality for a broad assortment of food and beverage applications. Handary’s tailored blends draw on a comprehensive toolbox of natural protective ingredients, which maximise their synergies to address consumer needs. They result in end products that are fresh, tasty, appealing, healthy and safe, including:

1 Shelfex® Shelf-life extender
2 Koatilm™ Biocoating
3 Antipack® Active antimicrobial film