Our Ethicles Principles
Transparency / Respect / Honesty

Corporate excellence is achieved through collaboration, trust and good ethics. We believe in building lasting relationships with our employees, suppliers, partners and customers based on the pillars of honesty, integrity and loyalty. We encourage our people and our partners to share their ideas, to create a communication channel that promotes development through trust.

Consistency / Integrity

Our philosophy is governed by our consistency and integrity towards society. We strive to make a difference by engaging in meaningful activities that are consisted of social responsibility and sustainability. Our customer-centric, “clean-label” approach supports the growth of our clients and promotes a natural and healthy way of living.

Our Core Values


While we share our knowledge and experience, we listen to our clients to understand their needs.


We are committed towards continuous improvement to deliver the highest quality products


We always have the courage to accept new challenges in the light to pursue growth and opportunities.


We believe that the ownership and proactivity of each employee strongly contribute towards the development of our business.


We strive to take fast decisions and focus on what is essential. We develop our solutions with simplicity in mind.


We think innovatively to ensure continued success, to stay competitive and to face new challenges.

Respect and integrity, underlying the conduct of Handary

In line with our ethical principles, Handary's conduct reflects our commitment to act ethically and responsibly as a company and as individuals, by placing integrity and respect always first. Our Code of Ethics provides practical guidance on everyday situations and ethical issues.