Handary's HERUI Foundation, based in Brussels since 2019, funds research on biological preservatives for cancer treatment.

HERUI Foundation Headquarter

Rue Colonel Bourg 127, 1140 Brussels, Belgium.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support research aimed at using biological preservatives to improve cancer treatment and prolong survival.

Nisin ZP™

Nisin ZP™ has demonstrated anticancer activity in melanoma, HNSCC, hepatic, colon, and blood cancer.

Lysoch GP™

Lysoch GP™ has demonstrated anti-proliferation effect on gastric and blood cancers.

HERUI Foundation

Handary's HERUI Foundation, founded in 2019 in Brussels, offers research grants for studying biological preservatives in cancer treatment. We aim is to support scientific investigations, clinical trials, and explore potential new treatments for cancer.

Bringing New Hopes to Canncer Patients

I am HE Rui, dedicated to following my father's visionary path. Since I was 8 years old, my father founded the HERUI Foundation, believing in my ability to make a positive impact on society. Now, at 13 years old, I am committed to using this foundation to support groundbreaking research in cancer treatment. While my father focuses on developing biological preservatives to extend food shelf life, I aim to explore how these innovations can be used to improve survival rates for cancer patients.

Our research has shown promising results. Nisin ZP™ has demonstrated potential in fighting melanoma, HNSCC, hepatic, colon, and blood cancers. Similarly, Lysoch GP™ has shown effectiveness in inhibiting the growth of gastric and blood cancers. We are currently conducting clinical trials with some well-known universities and hospitals to further investigate these findings and ensure their safety and effectiveness. These discoveries provide hope for advancing cancer treatments and improving the lives of patients. We are also dedicated to making these treatments accessible by working towards affordability. Together, we are determined to create a meaningful impact in the field of cancer research and support those affected by this disease.

Yours sincerely, 

HE Rui

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