The World of Food Industry

Handary is present in more than 135 countries around the world. Our team not only has the opportunity to interact online with people from different countries and speaking different languages, but is also physically present internationally at food exhibitions around the world.

The exhibitions are an important showcase for the company and a great opportunity for our team to participate in these international events. It is a unique occasion to establish new partnerships and develop new technological capabilities at the forefront of the food innovation market.

The exhibitions have brought us great achievements such as the awards received for our unique NisinA, Antipack and Fixolor technology. Despite the pandemic in 2020 which lasted until 2022, we managed to exhibit one of our projects carried out by the innovation and development team on the use of antioxidants in dips.

Handary is also looking for international presence through links with different universities around the world. The University of Michigan conducted a study with one of our products with positive feedback against neck cancer.

We are currently conducting a study with the Technical University of Gebze on the extraction of natural antimicrobials from edible gelatinous mushrooms.

This year, 2022, Handary will be present in Egypt, Mexico, USA and Paris, where our goal is to meet our customers and continue to establish links that will make them grow together due to the quality of our work.