HANDARY's Fixolor® MX Won the Innovation Award with "Honorable Mention" at Food Tech Summit  & Expo in Mexico (2022)

Handary is proud of its Fixolor® MX to win the innovation award with "Honorable Mention" held on 28-29 September at "The FoodTech Summit & Expo" in Mexico. 

Consumers expect bright red beef to be fresher and of higher quality, the darkening color is caused by myoglobin oxidation which is viewed as an unhealthy and unstable quality. However, there are million tons of frozen beef carcass exported worldwide, the color will be darkening during the shelf life and thawing, which cause a huge economic loss to many beef suppliers. Fixolor® MX provides a safer malolactic enzyme to stabilize the color by reducing metmyoglobin to back myoglobin, and to prevent E. coli growth by catalyzing a redox reaction in beef carcass. 
Handary leads the natural food shelf-life industry, sole expertise in preventing microbial spoilage, discoloration, off-flavor and nutrient loss during food storage. We designed and produced 26 well-known brands of natural shelf-life ingredients distributed worldwide. 

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