In our ongoing commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions, we are delighted to unveil our latest brochure featuring Chitoly™ AB - the game-changing natural antimicrobial for the wine industry!

As the demand for plant-based food products continues to surge, we understand the need for clean-label and environmentally-friendly alternatives in the winemaking process. Chitosan, derived from chitin, has emerged as a remarkable ingredient, capturing the attention of manufacturers seeking authentic plant-based solutions.

At Handary, we take pride in introducing Chitoly™ AB, a plant-based chitosan sourced from the cell walls of Agaricus bisporus. As an acid-soluble fungal chitosan, Chitoly™ AB serves as a versatile anti-contaminant in alcoholic beverages, offering a natural and effective alternative to chemical and animal-origin preservatives.

Embrace the power of Chitoly™ AB to meet consumer demands for clean-label and sustainable antimicrobial solutions. This remarkable chitosan not only ensures the quality and safety of your wine but also caters to the growing health-conscious and environmentally-aware consumer base.

But that's not all! Chitoly™ AB delivers multiple benefits, ranging from antimicrobial properties to antioxidation capabilities that combat radical formation and browning. With its exceptional clarity and heavy metal reduction properties, Chitoly™ AB stands out as a reliable and allergen-free processing aid, elevating the overall quality of your wine products. By incorporating Chitoly™ AB into your winemaking process, you can craft wines that align with modern consumer preferences while upholding the authenticity and sustainability of your brand.

Join us in the quest for cleaner, greener, and safer winemaking. Download our brochure today and discover how Chitoly™ AB can revolutionize your approach to wine production, setting a new standard for excellence and innovation in the industry.


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