Celebrating 15 Years of Handary: A Decade and a Half of Innovation

In the dynamic food industry, Handary has stood as a leading specialist of innovation for 15 years. Reflecting on this milestone, we highlight our journey, accomplishments, and values that drive us forward.


Legacy of Innovation

Founded in 2009, Handary has led the charge in revolutionizing food preservation through natural solutions. From humble beginnings, we've evolved into a global leader, offering a range of cutting-edge ingredients and solutions that enhance food safety and shelf life.


Research and Development Excellence

At Handary, research and development are central. Our team tirelessly explores biotechnology, microbiology, and food science frontiers to pioneer new solutions. Our state-of-the-art facilities foster innovation, enabling us to address industry challenges and shape a sustainable future.


Global Impact, Local Commitment

Operating in 130 countries, Handary's solutions have made a significant global impact, aiding in food safety and waste reduction. Yet, we remain dedicated to local communities, providing personalized support and solutions tailored to their needs.


Looking Forward

As we celebrate 15 years, our commitment to innovation and sustainability remains steadfast. With gratitude to our customers, partners, and employees, we look ahead with optimism, driven to continue shaping the food industry's future.



Here's to another 15 years of Handary, marked by innovation, growth, and success!

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