Only healthy ingredients make up healthy food! Handary comes with a completely clean-label solution to extend the shelf life of smoothies and plant-based beverages.  

When it comes to the consumption of fresh and healthy food, the quality of the products and the safety of the ingredients are key criteria for consumers. Healthy diets require more and more fresh fruit and vegetables, and consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of the quality of the product.

For producers of fruit smoothies for example, it becomes no easy challenge to select the optimal ingredients to preserve the freshness, colour and odour of the final product while containing the growth of spoilage microorganisms. Fruit smoothies are susceptible to rapid oxidation due to the high water activity and an acidic pH (6-7) that favours the growth of bacteria, yeasts and moulds.

Our experts at Handary have developed Fixolor® AT, an all-natural product that extends the shelf life of smoothies and a wide range of other foods. This product is made from naturally cultivated sugar cane fermented with the bacterial strain Lactobacillus sp. As a result of our experiments, we were able to successfully prove its effectiveness in extending the shelf life of beverages by increasing the stability of anthocyanin (colour) while providing a multiple barrier against spoilage bacteria. Fixolor® AT has been widely accepted as a clean alternative to synthetic preservatives thus meeting consumer demands for clean labels products.

You can now download our latest specific brochure with the results obtained on FIXOLOR® AT IN SMOOTHIES and a guide for its use. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to Contact Us!