Befresh™ PF

Antifungal culture for pome fruits

Model NO.: 0504
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 The most destructive fungal spoilage agent of apples and pears is Pen. expansum, which causes a blue rot. Damaged and over mature fruits are the most susceptible. Core rot in apples, is the growth of any variety of molds initially in the seed cavity and then spreading to the mesocarp tissue. Molds that have been associated commonly with this type of spoilage are Alt. alternata, Botrytis cinerea, Penicillium spp., Coniothyrium spp., Pleospora herbarum, and Pestalotia laurocerasi (Combrink et al., 1985). Botrytis cinerea causes grey rot in cold-stored pears and, less commonly in apples (Hall and Scott, 1977). The rot is firmer than blue mould rot, and becomes covered in ash–grey spore masses. Befresh™ antifungal culture is specially designed to inhibit fungal rot in pome fruits.


Befresh™ PF is antifungal culture formulated by Candida sake and Fungal Chitosan, specially designed to protect pome fruits against Protection against gray mold (Botrytis cinerea), Blue rot (Penicillium expansum), Blue rot (Penicillium solitum), and Transit rot (Rhizopus stolonifera).


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