Our Strategic Focus

With greater transparency and the focus on simpler products with fewer artificial additives taking “clean label” to the next level. The market segments of natural shelf-life ingredients are clearly defined, and all are subject to a high growth trend.

Currently, Handary is undergoing a transformation, we are now ready to move into the growth phase of our strategic development – “To be first shelf-life brand”, which will move our focus to build a global accredited food shelf-life laboratory and the most advanced bioprocess facilities of natural shelf-life ingredients to meet new market trends.

Our Vision - A leading business on the market

We aim to be a “first shelf-life brand” and a global leader through innovation and by responsibly producing and supplying natural ingredients. We see great potential in ‘nature’ power as an alternative to ‘chemical ‘to reduce waste and lower the risks of deteriorating food quality. We combine our expertise and experimentation to select the best ingredients from natural sources and develop unique innovative natural shelf-life solutions.

Our Mission - Industry leading portfolio

We aim to extend food shelf-life quality in terms of natural efficacy and safety for consumers worldwide. It is our goal to provide natural solutions to reduce waste and decrease risk, maintaining the freshness and quality of food for a targeted shelf life that respects and maintains the principles of sustainable development. Our unique ‘Innovative leadership’ approach leads us to think innovatively and ensure continuous success to stay competitive and adapt to the new changes.

Our Strategy - Leading innovative Technology

Combining our technological expertise with an in-depth knowledge of market trends, we constantly develop new technologies for the diagnosis of food deterioration and biological ingredients to meet market demand for natural shelf-life solutions. With such a diversity of cultures, practices, and habits, we want to develop a complete range of natural shelf-life solutions, working side by side with our partners to be adapted to all specific criteria on each market