Food Shelf-life Testing Laboratory

The Food Shelf-life Testing Laboratory, operated by Handary, is a specialized facility that employs sensory analysis, microbiological testing, and chemical analysis techniques to evaluate the shelf-life of food products under specific storage conditions. By conducting these tests, the laboratory assists food manufacturers in determining the suitable date marking for their products, ensuring consumer safety and product quality.

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Fleurus Bioprocessing Park

Welcome to Handary's Fleurus Bioprocessing Park, a hub of innovative biotechnology and green sciences. At our facility, we specialize in harnessing the power of plant and fungi cells, bacteria, and cutting-edge techniques to create natural, highly effective shelf-life ingredients.

We invite you to explore our Biotechnology R&D laboratory, where we showcase our process of producing natural ingredients through plant cell and bacterial culture, without the use of pesticides or GMOs. Witness firsthand how we leverage advanced techniques to cultivate these ingredients in our state-of-the-art Fleurus Biotech plant, featuring bioprocess designed with a strong emphasis on hygiene, performance, and sustainability.

Join us for a captivating tour, where you can discover the intricate world of bioprocessing and witness our commitment to delivering exceptional natural solutions for enhanced shelf life.

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