Life at Handary

At Handary your experiences and ideasare not only listened to, but also valued.Whatever your mission is, you will makea tangible difference by turning valuesinto action.

Our people make this possible. They arebehind the strength of our brands, thequality of our products and the future ofour business.

Our goal? To extend and preserve theshelf-life of food in a simple and healthyway. By embracing diversity, empathy,sustainability, innovation and quality inthe workplace, we lay the basis for youto achieve great things!

Teams are our Heroes

Are food and drink your passion? Is your purpose in societyto bring real changes for the future by reducing food wasteas naturally as possible?

Do you want to develop your career alongside with the bestcompany in the field?

Each of us has a role to play and each of us contributesdirectly to our shared success.

At Handary we have created an international team of smartand passionate people motivated by our common goal: toimprove consumers' lives by helping our clients develop safe,healthy, sustainable and quality food products.

Embracing diversity, sustainability, well-being, and foodsafety, we constantly work to innovate our products! Wecreate a supportive and inclusive environment wherecommitted professionals can reach their full potential.

We recognise everyone's potential and help build eachperson's unique path to success because only by workingtogether can we win together.

What’s natural shelf-life solutions?

Handary is a fast developing company in natural shelf-lifefood preservation. We want our employees to take theopportunity to use and develop their full potential togetherwith inspiring colleagues by bringing the change to the foodand beverage industry.

Our mission is to extend and preserve the shelf life of food ina simple and healthy way. Using all the benefits that naturealready offers us, we implement suitable solutions to offercompletely natural ingredients for food preservation.

We are proud to explore and source the best from nature.Research of natural solutions and food safety has alwaysbeen of major importance to Handary. Years of in-depthexpertise of raw products and plants has led us to become aglobar supplier of natural-origin key ingredients.

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The quality and the diversity of our employees are the key of the success.

the most important to achieveall our success stories. We consider everyone will make thedifference by bringing different points of view and take part inour history.

Creating relations based on trust and respect will drive toeffective cooperation, innovative initiative and valuable personaldevelopment to meet all together the achievements of Handary.

We are always looking for new partners to join our teams withdiverse profiles and skills .which will contribute to build the futureof Handary.

We have the conviction that diversity and inclusion will createnew opportunities, whatever gender, ethnic origins or socialbackground, to achieve all our goals and make a brighter futurefor everyone.

Cyril Savarese

Handary Belgium President

Vacant jobs at Handary

Help us make a difference on a globalscale. With a presence in almost 135countries, we are dedicated to our goalof unleashing the power of natural foodingredients to improve the quality of lifefor all.

If you are starting or continuing yourcareer, find out how you can work withus.

Immerse yourself in the daily life of ourpeople by becoming one of them. Applyand join us!